Mission :

  • To bring behavioral change in the student by providing positive environment.
  • To enhance the quality of education & the basic standards of the students and enrich them with abundant knowledge.
  • To enlighten the students in all aspects of curricular and extra curricular activities.
  • To improve original thinking and capacity of students for creativity

Vision :

  • provide students with a broad public administration education, enhanced communication skills, outstanding analysis and decision-making skills
  • To become one of the best College in the state by providing quality education.
  • To acquire facts, cultivate talent and equip with skills so that one is employable & inventive.

Objectives :
The objectives of Ekamra College is to develop and supplement the following in its students:

  • Valuing professionalism in education, research, and professional activities.
  • Communicating at high levels in writing and orally.
  • Assuring a high quality performance on the job and in the classroom through the development of knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Using critical thinking and analysis to aid in decision-making.
  • Understanding of the public policy-making process.
  • Developing qualities and characteristics necessary to assume positions of leadership.
  • Understanding and adapting to changing political, economic, and social environments and
  • Understanding of the importance of integrity and dedication in carrying out the public trust.

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